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cottontales' podcast

Lisa Riley is changing the narrative and inviting you to join her on March 16th at the Hispanic Heritage Center in San Jose,California for her first conference for women of color seeking career direction, job advice, and workforce information.  Take a listen to our discussion about her up coming conference. 

Dec 8, 2019

Wilbur Jackson, a retired IBM Executive worked his way to the top at IBM. In his retirement he continues to pay it forward helping young people become interested in STEM.

Mar 29, 2019

Raina Parks Mechanical Engineering Manager at Lockheed Martin gives us a look into her busy eclectic life.  Engineer, Singer and parent of two sons this young lady stays busy and involved.  She and her musical husband work together to maintain a lifestyle that includes all their interest.  

Mar 5, 2019

Lisa Riley is changing the narrative for women of color.  She is using her knowledge of counseling, technical recruiting, high tech media to help others reach their goals.  Her womens conference is being held on March 16th, 

Feb 19, 2019

Janie Jensen is an professional real estate stager that has a unique approach to her work. She works closely with home owners and real estate sales to insure a sale, rather than designing a house the owner would "like" but one that will be sold.